2017 - Apr. 2018

【 月影ラズリ 】






【 Moonlit Lazuli 】

A series of works captured the cycle of the seasons in Tanegashima under the moonlight throughout the year.

At night in a less light polluted land, the moonlight feels brighter and softer than in the city.

In a blue world under the moonlight, an unexpected tense atmosphere and peacefulness will spread into your heart.

このサイトは写真家/アーティスト:氷森 記心 (ひもり きしん) のオフィシャルサイトです。

This is the official website of the photography artist KISHIN HIMORI.

氷森 記心   KISHIN HIMORI   アーティスト / 写真家    Artist / Photographer

Kishin Himori is an artist who works in photography. Creates artworks on the themes of “the consciousness of existence or non-existence” and “the shape of lives”.

He uses a unique expression method utilizing photographs, and experimental techniques including digital and classical. He is striving to look beyond the surface by making visuals that may not have a visual component. 

Don't use, copy, modify or publish my work in any way without my written permission. You can ask me by using the contact form.  ( info@kishinhimori.com )