『Breathed in the Water』

〜 Future is not here 〜

I think highly of my inner world. My work express the truth emerged from projections of my inner world by making an analogy to models and landscapes. They could be considered as just a fiction that have nothing to do with the reality. However, I feel and believe that the fictions do effect the reality of things and phenomenon in our surrounding society. There is a term called “Yui-shin” in Buddism. It is similar to the philosophical term “idealism”.

The term means that all presences are realized from our mind which is the only real presence in the world. It sounds extreme conclusion that our mind is the only real presence, however it is an amusing thought. Our spirits and minds are the second reality of the world.And learning them is a process to learn about myself.

In this photography project, I am trying to objectify anonymous inner world by photographing photographs that are projections of my inner world. The photographs are actually re-photographed in the water. Unexpected figures from the backlit light and simmer of images through the water will give chances to capture the silent substance in the stream. It will not happen in digital processes. With the manipulations process, the actual figures are removed from the photographs. The ambiguity of images make you imagine our minds, dreams and sense of unconsciousness. 

I think the combination of actual images and manipulated image can create the unknown, impossible uncertain world that certainly exists. I hope that my work reflects the sense of presence that is imagined and engraved in our mind. And I have been aiming for that sense.





氷森記心 kishinhimori 


Artist / Photographer / Painter


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