Oct. 2015

Breathed in the Water





Our spirit and mind may be the second reality of the world. And learning them is a process to learn about myself.

In this project, the photographs are actually re-photographed in the water. 

The backlit light and simmer of images through the water will give chances to capture the unexpected figures. It will not happen in digital processes. With the manipulations process, the actual figures are removed from the photographs. The ambiguity of images makes you imagine your minds, dreams, and sense of unconsciousness.

The combination of actual images and manipulated images can create the unknown, impossible uncertain the second reality world that certainly exists.

氷森 記心   KISHIN HIMORI   アーティスト / 写真家    Artist / Photographer

Kishin Himori is an artist who works in photography. Creates artworks on the themes of “the consciousness of existence or non-existence” and “the shape of lives”. He uses a unique expression method utilizing photographs, and experimental techniques including digital and classical. He is striving to look beyond the surface by making visuals that may not have a visual component. 


Don't use, copy, modify or publish my work in any way without my written permission. You can ask me by using the contact form.