2020 - Mar. 2021

【 息の緒の光 】














If we could acquire a sense or power not inherent to humans, how would our perception of the world change? It could be said that the things present in front of us exist solely for the sensory organs of the beings observing them.


This work expresses a "way of seeing life" that may differ from the perspective of us humans, using lines of light. The silhouettes of these lines emerge, resembling the vitality and strength of life, akin to the forms of blood vessels. 

Imagining that the essence of life flows through all living beings, substances, and spaces, I consider it might be possible to understand the "inherent form" of existing things.


The technique involves projecting a small red dot of light onto objects and subjecting them to long exposure times. Moreover, the photography takes place in very dark areas with a light pollution class of around 2. As a result, outdoor objects are not affected by light other than the illuminated light, allowing viewers to feel the streaks of light more purely. 

This project is not drawing pictures of light like light painting; rather, it insists on creating forms by physically illuminating existing objects. It raises questions about how people perceive, see, or appear to see things that are originally there. 

By materializing things that lack visual elements in this way, it may be possible to gain a deeper understanding of the true existence of objects.


(The definition of “息の緒” is the essence of life.)

Oct. 2016