It is captured by shifting slightly as if something appears when we squint our eyes.

It is like the energy in everything, whether it is organic or inorganic.


I moved to that island a couple of years ago. This place is rich in nature and filled with mysterious things.

At first, I was deeply impressed with that, but gradually I've got used to it.


As the first impression mingles with what I feel now after getting used to here,

I am getting attached to things around me. 


This work focuses on the lives reside in nature and matter around me.

Things are not just things as they are, but contain kind of lives inside them.


I think to watch them not reflexively but fixedly can shed light on the true nature of that. 

So, I tried to see invisible lives and my own identity reflected in them by using photographs that can express time and space as one dimension.

氷森記心 kishinhimori 

Artist / Photographer / Painter

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Don't use, copy, modify or publish my work in any way without my written permission. You can ask me by using the contact form.